Sierra Writers Conference 2019 & Critique Group Guidelines

What Critique Groups do for Your Writing Life
by Ingrid Keriotis

If we wish to have a creative component in our lives, we should be willing to put our work out there once in a while, for good or bad, and say “Here it is.”

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Sierra Writers Guidelines for Starting a Critique Group

  • Decide what you want. What kind of writing do you do regularly? Do you write blog posts, correspondence, grant proposals, or social media narratives? What are your writing goals?
  • Look for interested people. Network at a Sierra Writers Conference, ask at the Madelyn Helling Library, and study group guidelines on
  • Talk to other writers who attend a critique group. Better yet, attend an existing group to get a sense of how it is structured.
  • Start small. Establish ground rules before inviting new members.

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