Haylee and the Travelers Stone

Haylee 200A young woman, with an unusual psychic ability suddenly becomes a Traveler.

Can you stop being lonely when your touch destroys everyone you love?

Haylee and the Travelers Stone is a new adult, paranormal, romantic, time travel, thriller. Click here to read back cover copy.

In order to accumulate Amazon reviewers prior to the publishing date (Summer 2014), FREE reading / review copies will be available through June 2014.


How to get Haylee onto your Kindle.

The first step is to download the file and save it on your computer in a place you’ll remember.

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How to send a PDF Document to your Kindle

Here’s how to get a PDF file onto your Kindle.

Go to your Amazon.com account and sign in.

Step 1: Click on Manage Your Kindle

Manage Kindle

Go to Personal Document Settings – Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings

Step 2: Get your Kindle e-mail address…it will look like “yourname@kindle.com”

Next go to Approved Personal Document E-mail List and click on Add a new approved e-mail address.

Step 3: Enter the e-mail address you always use to send e-mails into the pop up box.

Get e-mail and send

Log out from Amazon.com

Step 4:  Open the e-mail program you usually use to send e-mails. Write, create or compose a new e-mail.  In the ‘Send‘ box, enter your Kindle e-mail address. Attach the a PDF to this e-mail. (You can write something in the subject box if you wish…but there is no need to write anything in the body text area). Hit ‘send’ and in a few moments, you should be reading the PDF on your Kindle.

Developing an Online Brand – Toby Bear the eBook

In the spring of 2012, Lisa Boulton was designing her own line of jewelry, the mother of three grown sons, starting a new career as a health care provider … and a breast cancer survivor. At the end of that same year, she had added another accomplishment: published author.


“When I first met with Lisa (Redfern), I had written the Toby Bear story and had created a series of pencil sketches. I loved the digital paintings of children that I’d seen in Redfern’s studio, so I thought I would ask if she’d work on the project with me,” says Boulton.

Lisa Boulton says that the Toby Bear project is her “passion” and the culmination of her life experiences: An opportunity to comfort and care for children and to help them build a strong sense of self-awareness with positive thinking techniques. Redfern too thought that the project would be a excellent vehicle to express her own amalgamation of professional skills and that it could add a new dimension (ePublishing) to her business.2013 TO Do graphic

Throughout the summer, the women worked together to execute their production schedule that involved finding models, scheduling photo shoots, creating art pieces, manuscript editing, shooting and editing their first Toby Bear web video. They also gathered data to set-up the TobyBearStories.com website and Facebook page that include resources for childrens yoga, healthy eating, meditation, care tips for cancer patients, a media kit and About the Author information.




By June, the Toby Bear website and Facebook page had launched. The eBook, Toby Bear and the Healing Light, was published and available for sale on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Soney & Diesel in September.

Although Redfern was reluctant to enter the print book market, Boulton convinced her that a continued need for physical product-in-hand existed. So they developed the manuscript into a format for print-on-demand (also available through Amazon).

Lisa Boulton had her books in hand by Christmas time.

“I was exuberant when I received my first shipment of books.” said Boulton, “The clerk at the Nevada City Post Office saw my excitement and asked me to open the box so she could see them too (there wasn’t a line behind me). It was a fabulous moment! We were both so excited to see the whole community beautifully represented in the book,” comments the author.

To learn more about Lisa Boulton and Toby Bear and the Healing Light, visit TobyBearStories.com

Toby, Lisa & Lisa

Online Marketing

In preparation for new projet, I have been learning the current lay of the land in the e-book publishing world. It’s thrilling to learn what is new since I was last working in this field.

I heartily enjoy solving techno puzzles and marketing puzzles. There is plenty to absorb in both areas.

For a long time, I have recognized that the photography business and that of the publishing and print industry have been running along parallel paths. I have also noticed that everywhere I go, everyone has a recording device. I only recently connected the dots as to how this trend is changing the face of business.
Virtually everyone floods the online world with information all the time.

Epiphany – the internet has been steadily cutting out the middle men whose job was to filter information and offer quality products and services.  The loss of publishing houses and such forces consumers to take on roles that those businesses traditionally filled.

Social networking gives everyone a platform to attain a certain level of fame – in the information filtration process – by providing feedback and making recommendations for products and services.

I understand, now, why the experts say that in order to make online marketing flourish, you must devote time to it every day. It’s like grains of sand on an endless beach. You have to keep steadily adding gains of sand so that eventually you build up a pile large enough for people to notice.

Perhaps if you build a fancy sand sculpture, you can make the process go a little bit faster.