Online Marketing

In preparation for new projet, I have been learning the current lay of the land in the e-book publishing world. It’s thrilling to learn what is new since I was last working in this field.

I heartily enjoy solving techno puzzles and marketing puzzles. There is plenty to absorb in both areas.

For a long time, I have recognized that the photography business and that of the publishing and print industry have been running along parallel paths. I have also noticed that everywhere I go, everyone has a recording device. I only recently connected the dots as to how this trend is changing the face of business.
Virtually everyone floods the online world with information all the time.

Epiphany – the internet has been steadily cutting out the middle men whose job was to filter information and offer quality products and services.  The loss of publishing houses and such forces consumers to take on roles that those businesses traditionally filled.

Social networking gives everyone a platform to attain a certain level of fame – in the information filtration process – by providing feedback and making recommendations for products and services.

I understand, now, why the experts say that in order to make online marketing flourish, you must devote time to it every day. It’s like grains of sand on an endless beach. You have to keep steadily adding gains of sand so that eventually you build up a pile large enough for people to notice.

Perhaps if you build a fancy sand sculpture, you can make the process go a little bit faster.