The Librarian, A First Contact Story – Book Review

A fresh new voice in First Contact science fiction.

Jane and Nick have been married over a decade. They are comfortable in their routines and they trust each other implicitly.

Jane is at home watching a movie while her husband (a sociologist professor) does a day hike in the mountains near Seattle. He’s late returning home and Jane is starting to worry.

She is unprepared for the knock at her door. A man in uniform tells her that she has to come with him immediately. It concerns her husband.

Nick has been called. Suddenly, he’s a lot more than he ever imagined. It is imperative that he speak to Jane before he answers that call, even if it is through a hazmat suit and a thick wall of glass… His time is running out.

first contact


Arzú gives her story a conclusion that is as surprising as it is pleasing.  It’s a short but satisfying read. And it’s a great introduction to this author’s writing style. If you’re like me, you’ll follow her and look forward to what ever she writes next.

Click on the image below to get the scifi short story by M.N. Arzú (on Amazon).



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Author Interview

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