Nevada City Boardwalk – a community working together

Nevada City Boardwalk

When volunteers came together to work out a problem, a lovely public structure that supports human connection emerged. The Nevada City Boardwalk project began as a solution to an anti-loitering ordinance that caused some media attention in 2011.

Verne Taylor, Nevada City Public Works Director was wary of the idea at first. But since the installation he comments, “It is turning out to be a wonderful idea.”

Almost one year later, the ‘modular removable seating area’ is still in place. I hope it is there to stay. It is a strolling destination one can head to on a warm summers eve to enjoy the ambiance of our beautiful mountain town, to chat with neighbors and, if you are lucky, to catch some live music.


Boardwalk Project Volunteers
Karin Kaufman – Landscape Architect
Gary Tintle – Construction
Rare Earth Landscape Materials
Floral Native Nursery (Chico)
Sydney Moberg’s (the Broad Street Inn) photo documentation
Broad Street Inn

Video by Jeff Pelline

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