Transformative Art

At the end of May 2011, I had a booth at the Sierra Festival of the Arts in downtown Grass Valley. An area of interest or ‘hobby’ of mine is watching how people interact with the art and artists around them.

A delightful observation was the young children who would make a ‘bee line’ from across the street to come see my brightly colored flowers and sea creatures. I also enjoyed the perplexed expressions on the adult faces as they wondered what they were seeing. Not a photograph and not a painting. “What IS that?” they would say.

My explanation is that it is both and neither. I call it ‘Transformative Art.’ All of my work is created on the computer. Just like a painter, every aspect involves a brush stroke…accomplished with a Wacom tablet and Stylus pen. Using my extensive ‘pallet’ of technology skills and program knowledge, each piece goes through an involved ‘transformation’ process until it is complete.

I think that color has its own language of feelings based in a place where there are no words. When we look at colors, we have pure and immediate reactions to them.

The subjects that I choose must have a color component that I can work with or create – usually elements of the natural world. I take liberties with them….often combining unlikely items for desired lines, designs or hues.

My work is bold and alive. It is one manifestation of the song of my soul at this point in time.

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